The Future of the Human Being

The Future of the Human Being

This is my first post in 2015 and I want to start out the year with a positive thought. In my previously posts I have emphasized that there is no such thing as race as we are all human beings. I have also discussed the fact that we as human beings are 99% similar and less than 1% different although many people like to stress the differences.

The world’s geographical locations caused any differences that we can distinguish among humans. The geographical locations not only had different temperature gradients but also different food types that grow in these different locations. What will humans resemble in say for example 4015 some 2000 years from now if we are still alive? The factors that caused any differences of living in different locations has not changed but we are now very mobile and previously we were very localized and our exposure to different foods has also increased.

The increased mobility of humans and love of each other no matter what our differences has caused more families to have a more blended look.  The beauty of this is that it emphasizes how we are all one. In 2000 years the word race may have been dropped from human language as it should have never been created in the first place.

A thought that I will leave with you is this same effect will also change what we consider a nationality.  Countries will still be defined by boundaries but that may be the only difference.  Think about it and share your thoughts.


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Human Beings Natural Enemies

Human Beings Natural Enemies

Every living creature has natural enemies and part of their longevity is dependent upon their ability to learn how to avoid these enemies.  This avoidance is partially hereditary and partially situational.  The human being is no different from any other living creation in this respect.  However most of the other living wild animals need to be concerned with other living creatures whereas human beings need to be concerned with each other.  Sometimes wild animals will attack humans but most of them have learned to stay away from humans as they will kill you.

Human beings’ number one natural enemy today is other human beings.  At this time of Thanksgiving this is a sad fact and one that needs to change or we are going to self destruct.  We need to be thankful for our fellow human beings and they need to be thankful for us.  In the animal kingdom, they are killing each other for food but with regard to human beings that is not the case as we have left behind any cannibal tendencies.  We are killing each other over ideologies which are a collection of thoughts.

During the cold war back in the 60’s the idea of peaceful coexistence was a widely expressed thought of how people with different basic beliefs can live with each other without destroying each other.  I think the reality of us all agreeing on everything is not possible but coming to an understanding of agreeing to disagree is a more realistic approach to living our everyday lives.  However with this idea is the agreement that we will not kill each other to eliminate the others philosophy as there will always be someone with a different philosophy.

The sad reality is that you have individuals or groups that are adamant about spreading their ideology in a violent way by trying to eliminate anyone who does not believe like them.  I compare this mindset to Hitler and his ideology of a supreme race.  It is ideas that injure other people who cause the idea of peaceful coexistence to be set aside because innocent people can not be left to die.

The answer to the title is “ideas” are human beings worst enemy and it is these ideas that may cause us to destroy ourselves.  The question is how do we deal with ideas that are aimed at the destruction of ourselves and loved ones and still live in harmony?  Please share your thoughts.



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What is Religion?

What is Religion?

It appears that the idea of religion is an idea made up by man.  One may say that there was divine intervention in the process where individuals were inspired by thoughts communicated by a higher power.  Writers of holy books received their information from somewhere even if it was from their own conscious effort.  Again one can make the argument that divine intervention occurred.

Some of my most recent blogs have been about religious wars which I expressed concern because it seems counter intuitive.  Now it seems a situation in our every day lives is forcing us to make decisions that we don’t really want to address.  I just want to live my life in peace and be allowed to do just that and I think most people want the same thing.  The problem arises when others want you and what you believe to be blown from the face of the Earth.

In our everyday lives we don’t usually encounter someone who is trying to kill us.  Most of our days are rather passive. Now we have to face the reality of there may be people living in our neighbor that wants to hurt us.  This does not make sense and it is difficult to consider this a religion.

This brings us back to the title of this blog, What is Religion?  One may say that it is a set of beliefs that is followed my several people which is an attempt to answer our purpose in life.  Let me ask you if you were creating a religion what ideals would it have?  This is how religion came about, it was humans thinking about where did we come from and where are we going.  The primary purpose of religion is giving meaning to life.  What do we all have in common?  We have a desire to have companionship and something we call love in our lives.  It is with this idea in mind that we should think of our common goals as humans and not necessarily try to force specific ideologies down each others throats.  This concept is called tolerance which needs to be practiced by everyone.

Can the primary purpose in life be killing each other?  This naturally leads to the question what is good and what is bad?  One might answer this with a response that the answer is relative to any situation.  I think there has to be a more concrete answer.  I think the response has to be that good is any action that helps your fellow humans and bad is any action that brings harm to your fellow humans.

Does this solve the problem?  No but the problem leads back to us humans on this Earth and we have to learn to live with each other.  The most difficult part is how do we do that, and I think the answer is that good has to prevail at all costs.  That is sad but true but the good news is the bad apples are in the minority.  I believe that most people are born to want to do good.

Thoughts and comments.


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Religious Wars

Religious Wars

In my last blog I was talking about Love vs War and re-exploring how we are all brothers and sisters and all these things that we fight over are things that we created. I first heard about religious wars when I was in school studying history.  The fact that it was in a history book established its legitimacy as an event.  In my mind it did not make sense.  When I think of religion I usually do not think of war.  I think of war as the opposite of religion.

Religion is a concept that we choose to accept.  Religion suggests that there is a higher power or order to the universe than us.  Also the idea of religion brings to mind helping others and leading a good life.  I think of how we were all living together initially before we wandered the Earth.

I think that the term religious in combination with war is misleading as I think that one can have an ideology but it may not be a religion like Hitler’s ideas. The problem with this thought is that these individuals believe that their God has told them that by killing these other individuals it is the way to achieving their goal.  I don’t think that these can really be religions.

An additional problem is now we have come up with the idea that one religion is better than another and some people believe that their religion suggest that they have to kill all those that do not believe as they do.  This is not a new idea as I mentioned above from studying these situations in history.

The sad part is this forces each of us to make some difficult choices.  I choose love vs war and now other people are going to die because of my decision.  I can leave it to them to defend themselves.  I can suggest that it is really not about religion at all but about self-defense.  The reality is that we have to defend ourselves so we can protect our loved ones.  When we started out 200,000 years ago we had one objective and that was survival.

The question then is as a family how do we deal with these brothers and sisters who insist on hurting others.  One technique is to isolate them and leave them live as they wish as long as they are not killing innocent people. The second technique is to suggest that they need to defend themselves.  The third idea is the individuals that are being threatened need to move to an area where they will be safe. The fourth is to offer help to our  brothers and sisters that need help because they are being persecuted.

The question is where are the leaders of these countries that they are not stepping up to defend their own people. Why have our brothers and sisters turned against us?

Thoughts and comments.



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Love vs War

Love vs War

Have you ever noticed that when we greet someone and have been talking for a little we ask the other person where are they from?  We always seem curious of what environment the other person originated.  Why is it that we frequently ask that question?

I have the urge to answer the question with the response of Africa.  It is a well-kept secret that we all came from Africa.  Our origins have been traced back to Africa through fossil records.  We left Africa many thousands of years ago to find in this world of travel and communication that we are all being reconnected.  We started out with no differences and a common goal of just trying to survive.

Now we have all these human created differences of our different social groups which are nothing more than our history of having lived.  Groups of people started wondering and found some areas of our Earth were better suited for living with possibly less harsh living conditions.  We started to lay claims to land on which we lived.  Situations arose where either we did not want to share our area or somebody wanted our area because they thought it was better.

We decided either individually or collectively that we did not want to let others into our group or we felt that our group was better than other groups and we felt a need to tell the other groups that we were better.  We also felt that what we believed either philosophically or politically was also reason to exclude others from our group.

Now that we cover the Earth we are beginning to reconnect realizing that we are all the same.  Our ancestors who left Africa knew this and now we need to regain this understanding.  We may live in a different zones of the world, speak a different language, eat different foods, pray to different Gods or believe in none but we started out from the same family.   Our parents brought us into this world and loved us as we are part of them.  This is the commonality that we all have.  We live to love our children and the children of our brothers and sisters.

Where are you from?  I am from Africa and came from the same family as you.  We had the same parents, how could you forget?





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Nature’s Laws vs Science

Nature’s Laws vs Science

The discoveries of science have awed humans since the beginning of human history.  The discovery of making fire was unbelievable at the time even though it had been experienced in the wild from lighting striking and causing a fire.  The early discoveries may not have been formally thought of as scientific discoveries.

Sometimes the discovery is interpreted as more than just a discovery.  Sometimes people attach to the idea of discovery of the scientists having created something.  I agree that this appears to be the case in some situations such as the discovery of the telescope.  People can get the notion that the telescope was created.  The reality is that it was a manufacturing of existing matter into a new relationship of that matter.

If science is discovering things and not creating things, then what are they discovering?  They are discovering the underlying “Laws of Nature”.  These are the laws by which things naturally operate.  Science has become the formalized study of nature with the objective to find the laws of nature that apply,.  The realm of science has become too large for a set of experts to understand everything.  It has become necessary to break the concept of nature into different fields.

There are many underlying fields but the main fields are physics, chemistry and biology.  Physics and chemistry have their own unique laws while biology uses some of the laws of physics and chemistry.  Biology has its own unique law besides called evolution.  Evolution is more about the connectivity of living matter as opposed to its functionally.

It needs to be remembered that science is the study of the laws of nature.  These laws are a given as they are what are functioning currently.  We can embrace science because science is describing the laws of nature and not making any claims of where the laws came.  Embracing science will not damage whatever you believe regarding where the laws came from.  Another thought that you need to think about is, have the laws of nature changed over time?  Were the laws different 13.5 billion years ago?  We make the assumption that they were the same because that is all we know and that is our framework of knowledge.

Thoughts and comments welcome.

Contact me at for a copy  of chapter 1 of “Mommy, Was Daddy an Ape? – A Blending of Creationism and Evolution.  It is currently being edited but will send as soon as it comes back form the editor.








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Mommy, Was Daddy An Ape – A Blending of Creationism and Evolution

Mommy, Was Daddy An Ape – A Blending of Creationism and Evolution

The Big Bang Theory suggests that the universe was created, thus everything in the universe was created.

My pen name is Evolution Man and I am the author of the above titled book. The name of the book gives away what the book is about while the intent is threefold. First, it shows one how to embrace science without giving up one’s religious beliefs. Second, it shows how religion answers the questions that science can not. Third, it emphasizes that we all belong to one race with one set of parents.

Evolution is like gravity as it is a law of nature. To what extent one accepts evolution is up to them, the fact that it is similar to gravity supports that it was created. The beauty of this thought process is that the study of science does not refute God but is the study of all that God created through the creation of the laws of nature.

Normally it is thought that these two words, creationism and evolution, can not be used together as they are at the opposite ends of the spectrum. I use the term “Creative Evolution” which is the essence of what the book is about. My thought is that they can be brought together thus giving a better understanding of the function of religion and science.

Believers around the world – Our defense should not be to deny the obvious, but to challenge the origination of the laws.

Many times people who believe in religion do not have a convincing argument for what they believe.
The book addresses this issue by bringing together many different scientific disciplines in order to demonstrate their interrelationships. The two are interdependent which allows for creationists to take a more definitive position on the role of science in their lives.

This approach addresses certain common laws of nature that are common throughout different disciplines. Some of the laws of nature follow:

Laws of Physics
Laws of Chemistry
Laws of Evolution

What is scientific faith? It is the faith of scientists that their professional theories are sound and can be extrapolated to explain areas where there is no proof but only conjecture. This is the case with the origin of life and with the origin of the species.

The second focus of the book addresses how religion answers the questions that science can not answer. As we move from the actual toward the theoretical we also move from the scientific to the religious realm. This thought allows each to serve a different and unique purpose.

The idea of race is not a biological difference but a cultural difference. Science and religion teach us, one race with one set of parents.

Lastly the focus of the book is the fact that Darwinism and Creationism both believe that we had one set of parents. The fact is that all human beings are of one race and are 99% similar. It always seems that people want to focus on the differences when the conversation should be really about similarities. Having this thought in mind it seems that our scientific and religious leaders have fallen short of their obligation of teaching that we all had the same parents either from a religious standpoint of Adam and Eve or from a scientific standpoint of the first Homo sapiens.

One may ask, who are you to challenge what has been written in the stone tablets of science? My response is that I am an average person who lives in the United States and have freedom to think on my own. The United States is one of the few countries in the world which allows everyone to challenge the existing establishment. In other countries Gods of Science are accepted without question because they are the experts. Many scientists like the scientific environment in the United States because it allows them the freedom of challenging the existing theory which they may not be able to do in their native country. Each current theory has individuals that have a vested interest in it by the existing establishment. Sometimes it is these individuals that do not want to accept the new theory.

I write on many related topics to help people gain an understanding of how science and religion are related. One of the examples that I write about emphasizes that theories of science are open to change, with new theory replacing an old theory resulting from new information having been discovered. The science of today will be out dated by the science of tomorrow.

I hope that you enjoy the book.

Thoughts to Ponder

Does not knowing deny the existence of something?

It seems sometimes the description is painstakingly detailed with the expectation that it alone explains the process when in truth it doesn’t.

Evolution seems that is of two types: Adaptive which responds to the environment, Anticipatory which adapts in order to develop something new.

Have you ever noticed that you have an attraction to all living organisms? This is because we are all related.

Filters are the interpretative fabric that allows us to see the truth.

Could there be other senses that we don’t know about because a mutation has not occurred to unlock it?

“History followed different courses for different people because of differences among peoples’ environments, not because of biological differences among people themselves.” Jared Diamond

My contact information:

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PS. I have been researching and writing about evolution for over six years.  If you would like a copy of Chapter 1 of the book please email me at and I will send you a copy as soon it comes back from the editor.  Thanks.

Evolution Man




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