Cosmos – Week 3

28 Mar
Cosmos – Week 3

The program had several segments again this last week.

It addressed meteors which were thought had been originated by the gods and these occurrences had bad omens associated with them depending on local culture.  It went on to explain that many meteors originated from the Oort cloud which surrounds the Sun approximately 14 trillion miles from the Sun.

The show introduced us to Halley who has a comet named after himself.  Halley did not discover this comet but was able to predict it would return every 76 years.   A more significant accomplishment was helping Newton publish his works related to the planets of our solar system.  Newton had determined that gravity controlled the planets which held them in their respective places.  Halley helped Newton publish three volumes which detailed the inner workings of the solar system.

The major take away from this is the introduction of one of the major laws of nature which is gravity.  Gravity operates under very exact rules which Newton formulated and Einstein perfected.  Tyson is correct in saying that now the old explanations did not stand up but what he did not address was where did gravity come from.  One may argue that it was always here but was it here before the big bang or did it occur as the result of the big bang.

Thoughts and comments.



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